Who Are We?

Uviña ("you-vee-nuh") Skin is a Latina-founded skin care brand inspired by culture, confidence, and self-love. 

Authentically grounded in clean (non-toxic) and ethical ingredients, we’ve developed beautiful and effective products full of powerful fruit antioxidants, brightening extracts, soothing herbs, and hydrating butters. The result? Gorgeous, glowing skin in less steps. 

Our products were intentionally curated to tackle your needs from every angle, working in multiple ways to deliver ultimate results. Our facial cleansing bar conditions as it cleanses, our moisturizer brightens while it hydrates, our serum soothes while it repairs… see what we mean? You finally get to have it all! We get it, you’re busy. But that shouldn’t get in the way of flawless skin. 

With the intent of enhancing Latina representation in the skin care industry, our founder Jelitsa has developed and dedicated Uviña Skin to the women in her family. Uviña was her mother’s name and each product is named after other women in her family (meet them here). Women who were fiercely independent, loved immensely, and believed beauty should be simple, clean, and effortless. We honor them and all people like them. Those who wear confidence as their favorite accessory and always seem to own the room. 


A Letter from our Founder

Founder of Uviña Skin


I’m Jelitsa, the owner and founder of Uvina Skin. I can’t believe that I finally get to share this amazing skin care line with you! Over the past couple years, I have poured every bit of myself into developing Uvina Skin into a brand that we can all believe in. A skin care brand that not only delivered incredible benefits, but one that also reflected my love and admiration for the women who came before me and the women who will be here after.

Uvina Skin began to unfold when my young daughter Scarlett began sharing in my nightly skin care routine. She would pull back her beautiful curls and apply oils and creams, just like her mama. As I began to research the ingredients in my products, I grew frustrated and disappointed. I found many harsh and unnecessary ingredients. My initial thought was “This isn’t safe for Scarlett”. But then I thought, “If this isn’t safe for Scarlett, when did it become safe for me?” After that, there was no turning back. 

I sought out to create products that would enhance natural beauty without sacrificing well-being. Products that were rich in plant & fruit-based ingredients that would help nourish and revitalize the skin. Ingredients the island-loving women in my life would approve of. Ingredients that I know deliver results, yet are safe enough for my sweet Scarlett. And for you. 

xoxo, Jelitsa