Meet Our Inspiration

Who Are the Products Named After?

Uviña ("you-vee-nuh")

This is Uviña, the namesake of the brand and our founders mother. She was a five foot nine, brown-skinned, city-loving, salsa dancing mama who had swag to spare. She was fiercely independent, a survivor, a loving mother, and a devout urbanite. Born in Puerto Rico but raised in Chicago, Uviña was a staple at festivals all over the city and NEVER turned down a dance party (especially if Celia Cruz was playing on the radio). 

Uvina was always effortless, always laughing, always radiant. And one of the proudest Latinas you’d ever meet. 



Tia Isabel continues to bring a little bit of magic to everyone around her. Armed with her latest purchase from the botanica, she’s always ready to sprinkle a bit of ‘yerba buena (peppermint) agua santa’ to cleanse the spirit, the room, and the soul. With her positive energy always on prominent display, her shared words are filled with encouragement, love, and strength. And strong she is! Although well into her golden years, Isabel can be seen riding the train all over the city of Chicago. You’ll know it’s her. Always a lover of bangles, necklaces, and oversized earrings, she’ll be the smiling woman with a beret on her head and a large slouchy bag thrown over her shoulder. You can almost count on it being filled with a little food, maybe some fresh herbs, and always a whole lot of fantasy.


There are women who own the room and then there was Gaby. The moment she walked through that door, it felt as if the room would go quiet, the music stopping abruptly. She called the shots. Gaby was the matriarch, the boss. Her standards were high and her heels were higher. Gaby was never  known to sugar coat anything and had very little time for anyone’s bullshit. She was intense, there was no question. But those who were lucky enough to make it past her tough exterior found a mother, sister, grandmother who was devoted, loving, and passionate. A true fighter who was always in your corner. One who happened to be a long and lean powerhouse who always dressed as if she expected to run into her Ex. 


Aida (I-da)

You know that Tia who always has a house full of people, a bottomless pot of hot coffee, and a huge pot of delicious food to share? That was Aida. 

Her warm kitchen was the gathering place for the whole family, where Sabado Gigante always seemed to be playing on her little tv. Her door was open to everyone and those who happened to walk in were greeted with a warm hug. She was naturally stunning; armed with a beautiful smile and creamy brown skin. Her ‘do never had a hair out of place and her slim-style jeans fit like they were made for her. You couldn’t help but ask “How does she do it?” The only thing prettier than her face was her heart. Aida was incredibly caring, genuine, and protected and loved her family with every sense of her being.